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Laura Weber Garrison, PhD 

Trauma Resolution Specialist | International Retreat Facilitator

Laura Weber Garrison, PhD, is renowned for her holistic and heart-centered approach to wellness and trauma resolution. With extensive credentials in restorative yoga therapy, advanced clinical hypnotherapy, and trauma recovery, Dr. Garrison facilitates profound healing through innovative therapeutic modalities that integrate the intellect, the emotion, the body, and the spirit.

As an author, Laura offers readers a unique blend of scientific substantiation, extensive research, and experiential wisdom, underscoring the transformative power of integrating yoga, creativity, and spiritual practices in trauma resolution and recovery.

Dr. Garrison's expertise extends to leading the Empowered Transitions Retreats, which are immersive experiences designed to foster accelerated healing and personal growth in serene, supportive environments across the globe. These retreats incorporate a mix of behavioral psychology, gestalt techniques, and energy work, providing a safe space for individuals to explore and overcome personal challenges.

In her private practice, Laura employs a variety of therapeutic techniques including iRest Yoga Nidra, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and somatic-release therapies to assist clients in managing stress, anxiety, PTSD, and other trauma-related issues. She is also an artist and an educator and her work is deeply influenced by her travels and studies worldwide.

Connect with Dr. Laura Weber Garrison and learn more about her transformative wellness approaches at Better Wellness Naturally

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